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I've had 6 of them. The first one was a circus set loco...ran GREAT, it's still here ...holding up a cut down B'mann coach body (steam dummy). The second was a Pennsy, I modified it into a 2-4-0, it ran well also, I never should have sold it. Third was a xmas loco, it was a dog. fourth was in B&O livery, it ok, but not exceptional, I traded it for some Lehmann cars. 5th was an Army one...it arrived broken, so I never ran it, but still managed to resell it at a (very) modest profit. Number 6 is a newer Great Western loco with the chromed wheels. It recently arrived broken as well, and is sitting here awaiting it's fate (It may become a 2-4-0 with a c-16 cab as well, or get sold off, depending upon how it runs)
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