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Wiring outdoors

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Ok I'm finally getting ready to start laying track outdoors. I'm going to have track power and am wondering what the rest of the world does with the wires from the power supply to the track. Do you....

A. bury just the cables and bring them up to the track where you need to?

B. Bury conduit and run the cables through that with up runs to the track?

C. Soemthing else... What?
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Posted By CSG on 06/13/2009 3:09 PM
What are we doing wrong? Our garden railroad is only about 30' by 30' with two loops and some sidings. We've cleaned the track, soldered many of the joints, and have several feeders to each loop as they are wired in blocks controlled by simple toggle switches in the control box. We use an Aristocraft 10 amp power supply with two remote control boxes attached, one for each track. When I try to run trains, they hesitate, and jerk and stop from time to time. Oddly enough, they were running perfectly one hot afternoon, but as the sun went behind the trees, they started to mess up. We have LGB, Bachmann, USA and Aristocraft engines. Our little garden is looking nice with the 'trees' and buildings we have. It is very frustrating that we cannot get the trains to run more smoothly. Anybody have a suggestion? Please?

What have you been cleaning the track with? sounds like a dirty track problem.
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