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Wiring outdoors

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Ok I'm finally getting ready to start laying track outdoors. I'm going to have track power and am wondering what the rest of the world does with the wires from the power supply to the track. Do you....

A. bury just the cables and bring them up to the track where you need to?

B. Bury conduit and run the cables through that with up runs to the track?

C. Soemthing else... What?
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Hey Scott,
I live in Cedar Rapids, IA, so we're in about the same climate zone. I built my garden railway in 1994 and made the first connection to 125 feet of track with 12 gauge cord made by Malibu lighting. I had just one connection position and ran with no problem at all for 11 years. In 2005 I added 200 feet of stainless steel at first without adding any connections points. There was almost no degradation in performance except for a small hiccup at the halfway point. I added another connection point and the problem went away. I have had absolutely no problem with the Malibu wire degrading and performance of my locos has been flawless. Incidentally, I run LGB, Bachmann and Aristo locos. I don't have any experience with buried conduit but so far, no problem.
Joe Hall
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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