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Wiring outdoors

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Ok I'm finally getting ready to start laying track outdoors. I'm going to have track power and am wondering what the rest of the world does with the wires from the power supply to the track. Do you....

A. bury just the cables and bring them up to the track where you need to?

B. Bury conduit and run the cables through that with up runs to the track?

C. Soemthing else... What?
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Can always use sprikler wire, that is designed to be buried and withstand most of mother nature.
Been using it for 9+ years, no problems. just use conductive grease at all rail connections.
I use vasoline when making any wiring connections using wirenuts.
Someone here at one time suggested using plastic film canisters for splicing wire connections outside.
Then fill up the canister with vasoline to prevent corrosion.
Depending how big you are going, it is always a good idea to use "feeder" points thruought the main line to ensure conductivity in case of bad track connections (which can occur over time or people walking on track). Just a little more insurance.

Also can use Malibu lighting wire. It is heavier gauge
I like the sprinkler wire, you can get it in 5 conductor and 7 conductor. Better for future addons or remote switching or building lighting. Can also double up on wires for higher current draws.

This has worked very well for me, your "mileage" can/may vary

Have Fun
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1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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