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Why are gasoline prices rising again?

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Why are gas prices rising when: the media reports demand for ALL products (oil based) are DOWN, Oil and gas inventories are high, yet in the past 60 days gasoline has gone up over 25 cents a gallon (US)  about 20%  While at the same time Oil has moved very little,
 possibly down as much as 5% ??  
 Any one know why?  Where are the billions of dollars going? Oil Companies?  Whole sale prices (NYSE) bottomed at about $.99 a gallon and is about $1.27 now.  This kind of energy cost increases will make any economic recovery almost impossible....
Do NOT turn this into a political debate !! 
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Suggest reading this. Seems to cover what has been suggested here plus more. Basic reason is - prices fell too far and the oil cos. were losing cents per gallon (horrors!) but they have to run in the black, so.....

I'm with Joe.  Pump prices here just inched upward again this week to approx. $1.91 for regular.  Looks like they aren't satisfied with 8%...
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