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Why are gasoline prices rising again?

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Why are gas prices rising when: the media reports demand for ALL products (oil based) are DOWN, Oil and gas inventories are high, yet in the past 60 days gasoline has gone up over 25 cents a gallon (US)  about 20%  While at the same time Oil has moved very little,
 possibly down as much as 5% ??  
 Any one know why?  Where are the billions of dollars going? Oil Companies?  Whole sale prices (NYSE) bottomed at about $.99 a gallon and is about $1.27 now.  This kind of energy cost increases will make any economic recovery almost impossible....
Do NOT turn this into a political debate !! 
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So the short answer in inventory, but all I hear from the media when they "investigate" is inventories are UP... So with all the information I can find gasoline prices should have held steady at the lower prices they reached in January.
John, yes I know the prices do not include delivery, custom additive packages or taxes, but I was just looking at the change in price... I did NOT know that the state had their fingers in the pricing !!
Interesting, today oil is UP 11.62% to $37.93 and gas is DOWN 3.44% to $1.215 ..Bob, Don't get started on the Stimulus./ Spending bill..... I have heard that a whopping 4% of it will go into stimulating the economy the first year... when's the next election??
Gas prices are dropping again, down 3 cents in the last few days. Less people working, less driving? Are we finally seeing a supply and demand adjustment?
I see OIL and GASOLINE leading the race to the top as the markets start to crawl back up. High energy prices will put a stop to any recovery the economy was headed for.....
1 - 5 of 57 Posts
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