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Who's Online?

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Every look to see who is online?  Used to show a LOT of people most of the time.  Now I never see more than 9 members signed in at once.  Also, if I refresh the screen, it may drop down to three, or two, or give some kind of error in that area.  I realize that it's just another bug, but maybe one that hasn't yet been mentioned yet.
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I noticed the same thing. Must be a bug or we don't have near the folks we used to have.
By doing screen refreshes, I got the total login members up to 14, but then it droped to 3.  In a matter of two or three seconds.  I'm sure Shad has a list a mile long of bugs, this is just another to add on.  Sorry!/DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/sad.gif
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There does appear to be a problem with seeing "Who is Online".  This is what I get...

There are [USERCOUNT] of [TOTALMEMBERCOUNT] member(s) online:

Sometimes it shows 3 of 4 members when the Chat Room is showing 10 or 11.  If you hit refresh it will change the number or give you what you see above.

It appears to be a software problem.  I submitted in the Feedback like Shad asked.  He has submitted it to the developer.  So be patient and wait.  He will get back with a solution.

As for seeing who is in chat, that has been submitted to the developer also.  Patience.

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Thanks Becky, for updating everyone on this. I too miss being able to see who is in chat. Time is a premium for me and being able to see who is in chat without waiting for my Pony Express connection to open it is a plus!

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