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I saw a Railway express caboose on E bay. It brings to mind this question.

Did REA have thier own trians? Was the train made up of REA box cars alone? Did they really have thier own cabeese?

As a kid I don't remember seeing trains with REA rolling stock.
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I remember the REA trucks in my hometown of Sidney Ne. the drivers name was Frank, he was a short, cigar smoking, suspender wearing fellow. He delivered my first pool table to me when I was about 11 yrs. old. I was told although i never had the luxury of going and seeing. that he had a heck of a Lionel i believe train set in his house, which ran from room to room through walls. Don't know what ever happned to him or his trains but i do know there is a collector there named Donnie, who has one of the largest collections, and setups of Lionel in the State. Used to work for a food and sundries supplier for years but now retired. :cool:/DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/wow.gif The Regal
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