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I saw a Railway express caboose on E bay. It brings to mind this question.

Did REA have thier own trians? Was the train made up of REA box cars alone? Did they really have thier own cabeese?

As a kid I don't remember seeing trains with REA rolling stock.
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At the small town depots that I worked at, I was the freight agent, ticket agent, Railway Express agent, and Western Union agent; four accounts and most of them never had much cash in them. When making change, it was a case of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.

WU was a PITA; you got 10 percent of what cash you took in, and most telegrams were sent collect and received prepaid; ergo no cash and 10 percent of zero is not much cash.

Railway Express was 10 percent of inbound and outbound, whether collect or prepaid; a much better deal. The express shipments were handled by the baggage car. Our branch line had an up one day and back the next so there was little express there; when there was something, it would be in the LCL (less than carload lot) car.

Yes, I remember Railway Express.

Bullet Bob, the small stations were only open during the day, 6 days a week, so night letters were really not an option. I was never on the Western Union payroll; I was led to believe that the terrible 'rate of pay' was negotiated by the ORT (Order of Railroad Telegraphers) and WU.

At Summit, near Chicago, there was a quite large Spanish community. Copying a telegram in Spanish (I had 3 years of Latin but no Spanish at that time) was really more like copying code, except the spacing was sure not uniform.

To add to Richard Smith's Air Farce posting, I think it was the Readers Digest that ran the following:
Mr. Jones has been promoted to a detective on the Police Farce.

Mr. Jones wrote to the paper and demanded a correction. They obliged. 'We regret the error. Mr. Jones is a defective on the Police Force'.

My brother was in the US Army Air Force during WWII; at times I have my worries.

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