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Who modified their MTH Challenger?

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Hi there,

I have searched for this but no luck...

a while back (a year or more I reckon) I read on MLS about someone who adjusted the rear drivers on their challenger to allow them to swing, thus making it not only less bouncy while running on unperfect track, but also reducing the smokebox overhang on curves.

I know Ray Manley has done lots of work with weights and springs, but I am keen to have a go with adjusting the rear drivers as my challenger hits stuff that would be very difficult to move - quite funy, I'd been running it for some time since new, but only clockwise. Then I thought I'd turn it...WHACK! it hit a fence post haha...and this at the end of a 18ft dia curve!

Anyway...there's probably not that many MTH challenger owners out there that take a drill to them so I'm hoping someone knows someone that knows someone.....

thanks all!

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Hi there Phil,

Sorry been offline for a while working on stuff round the house.

Bud Steinhoff is your man. Back in 2006 he sent me photos of his work and he did a bang up job on it. Just sent you a note. I probably wouldn't have the guts to cut mine up, but how he did his you can't even tell he modded it.

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