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Who has the lowest price for the NCE 10 amp?

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I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a digitrax 8 amp system for $356. I would buy the NCE if it was a little less. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places. Anyone get a smoking deal on a 10 amp set up? I cant find it for less than $500.
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Not to be a spoiler, but if you like the NCE better, wait and buy it.

You are going to have it for a long time, so why try to save a few bucks over 10 years?

Anyway, check out litchfield station, free shipping and no tax to you.

Regards, Greg
Thanks Greg. The total cost for either set up is just a little bit below what I had previously found so most likely I will be buying from them. However I really don't have a preference for either system except that nce has 2 more amps. I will be here asking questions I'm sure reguardless which system I buy.
Posted By Treeman on 01/31/2009 6:45 PM
The NCE is much more user freindly.

Yes!!! What Mike said!!
The Chief is pretty user friendly as well...

That being said, the difference is not just 2 amps. The Chief 8 amp unit will trip at 8 amps plus just a little. The NEC 10 amp booster will trip at just shy of 20 amps. There is a good side and a bad side to both.

The Chief is less likely to melt something down in a derailment. The NCE will run more trains before crashing. IF you use the NCE, be really careful to make sure that if you short your track anywhere, it will still trip. This means you need to use more copper when connecting the NCE to your track.
And the battery goes ,,where?????? Just joking...
if you are planning on using a DCC system outside, you should get the radio version. More bucks, but more practical.

Don't know about NCE, but the Digitrax system can be upgraded to radio after the fact at nearly the same incremental cost as when purchased with the set.
In my opinion, the NCE is much more user friendly with prompts for programming on the main, changing addresses, etc. There are more dedicated buttons, so less menu chasing.

Can you find anyone with these systems so you can try each out to see the differences? You could go to an HO club and see it.

Regards, Greg
don't let greg scare you the digitrax system is a piece of cake to run ....... I have sold quite a few to people with no technical ability and they where running in no time

as for programing..... digitrax supports all 4 types of programing so you can choose what you feel works best for you and that includes on the main program if you want

the DT400 throttle has a lot of good features including direct keys for loco direction and the first 13 fuctions ..... it has two throttle controls so you can control two trains with the one throttle direct switch machine control buy just pressing the switch buttion and typing in the switch number on the keyboard .......plus has a emergency stop buttion that will kill the whole layout if you send two locos heading toward each other .....

you can thry the 400 a little on this tuter http://www.danstraindepot.com/flash/Dt400.swf

one of the other good things about digitrax is that it is all plug and play so if you want more throttles you just plug them into the loconet and they work ...... this lets me take a loco and a throttle so someone elses digitrax dcc layout and drop it on the track and plug in and I am good to run .........
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Do your engines have decoders installed?
The digitrax system will run one non-decoder engine on address "0".
The NCE does not support "0" address.
Check litchfieldstation.com for dcc systems.

Listen, you are talking with the DCC experts.
Good Luck and keep us posted.

I had the Digitrax Super Chief and to be honest with you I didn't like it.

The rated 8 amps is a joke...

Why would you want a throttle that takes 2 hands to work (where did I set my beer?) and bi-focals to read the screen..

I've used and really enjoyed the NCE PH10R system..in fact if I ever get back into DCC that is the system I'd go with...

Easy one handed use throttle (beer in the other hand) and plenty of power...
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hay no drinking and driving that is how stuff happens ....

the ut throttle will work one handed and is so easy even my 90 year old grandma could use it ......

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I do it all the time. One handed without looking at the DT400R. it's not difficult at all, the knob for the loco I want will fall under my thumb depending on how I hold the throttle. Just flip it over to get to the other one.
You guys crack me up. I went with the Digitrax 8 amp from litchfield station. Less than $360 to my door is pretty good. The concern of the system being too complicated was not a factor in my decision. What was is the fact that digitrax has a lager number of accessories for the system and the sysyem looks clean. At least my boy wont grab my throttle thinking its the tv remote and send our trains a flying. I do like the nce throttle though.
We all have our preferences to what DCC system we like and what feels best to us. Personally I preferrer Lenz over NCE or Digitrax hand controllers.

Don’t let the rating of a booster force you down the track of what system you purchase. That throttle will become the key to running your trains, you will want to like it!

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I was not trying to scare anyone, I just think that the NCE pro cab leads the user through common operations more easily than the Digitrax.

I recommend both systems to 90% of the people who ask.

The originator of the thread DID say: " I would buy the NCE if it was a little less."

Regards, Greg
I have no trouble working it one handed ...... right or left I do it all the time ......punch in a loco number no problem ....... you act like it is some huge controler ........

and down the road if you have a digitrax system and you feel like you need more power you can add another booster ...... I have 3 loops with a comand station and three boosters or 32 amps of power

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