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Whimsical World Record Video

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On new year's eve, my one of a kind Cab Forward, Live Steam, Vertical Boiler Tram, set a new world speed record. This tram is scratch built to 7/8ths scale (1:13.7) and will run for about an hour and a half if the bunker is full of water. The motive power is an Osmotor (dual, opposed, oscilating cylinders), the origin of which I do not know. But, the Osmotor has the characteristics of a Binnie Steam Motor. The Osmotor has reduction gears feeding a series of chains and gears to the two rear axles. The Driver, Hazza Lightfoot, was custom created for the tram by Rob Bennett. The cab and platforms are walnut, while the remainder is made of brass (the chasis was once an ugly wall sconce). Detail pictures can be had by emailing me. Enjoy the world record run at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_e7hR1yEQY

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At those speeds was any special maintanence done to the track to keep the ties from sucking up behind the train? Any faster and your going to have to go with banked curves.
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