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Where? What Year? Why? Or who cares?

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Since I'm not a gold member or whatever, I can't post a poll, but I thought it would kind of neat to hear some of the reasoning behind people's choices of the "W"s of their layouts. :) If for no other reason than it might help somebody else struggling to find their pike's identity.

Since I brought it up, mine is centered around an old coal "company town" in Western Pa (along what is the old Allegheny Valley branch of the Pennsy, which in my alternate history was never absorbed...)somewhere between Kittaning and Parker. It is always a nice afternoon in early June of 1959 there.

As for the "Why" -- We spent a lot of time in a little bump miles OFF the road called Conneration, which was just up over the hill from the no longer existing village of Catfish (Where we got the name of my business from) it's a beautiful place that STILL hasn't been overrun by developers and yuppies. (Don't bother to look for it on a map, though...the closest place that MIGHT show up is Rimersburg, where there used to be an Archway cookie plant) I picked 1959 because it lets me run steam (or the occasional diseasel), and the "newest" model car I had already bought when I started to actually start THINKING about an era happened to be a 1957 Bel Air....

As for why Pooh, Tigger and the brontosaurus are there...life is a mystery. /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/whistling.gif
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Who Cares?
My first garden railroad was named after the street I lived on: The Aunt Patty's Lane Railway Co was formed in 1992, with ground being broken in 1993. That existed for five years until the property was sold. Tracks were taken up and a new line was built in the spring of 1999, but that railroad never flourished and was removed in 2001.

The Millersvillanova Railroad was created for our 2003 wedding. Combining the names of our respective colleges, Millersville U and Villanova U, I came up with Millersvillanova. We created a wedding train consisting of 3 cars and a 2-8-2 steam locomotive. All of the APLRy stock was transferred to the new railroad, and a new line was constructed at our new house.

Where: The railroad is freelance, but with strong ties to the New Haven railroad. There is also some other roads, but three locos, two cabooses and a snowplow have been lettered for the Millersvillanova. I just got a boat load of MRR decals, so expect to see some more stock in the future.

What year: Good question. It is 2008, but we run just about anything. I tend to stick in the mid -50s, with 40' boxcars, steam and diesel. The latest loco on the line is an 1876 4-4-0, but we hope to add a new aristo 2-8-0 in New Haven and a new aristo RS-3 New Haven.

Why: It is all for fun. Also, I try and do things to include my wife whenever possible. Case in point, the paint scheme is black and yellow with some silver. Same colors as the Pittsburgh Steelers, her version of my train hobby. I also bought her a USA trains F3A in PRR colors since her great grandfather worked for them way back.
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