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Getting our home built so maybe we can start playing with trains again!
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Maybe I've missed the memo or something and maybe because it really didn't dawn on me until now but for some reason the toolbar that usually appears at the top of the reply field when I reply to a message is gone. I actually noticed this about 3 months ago but it didn't hit me until I tried to post photos to a reply. I know my membership should be paid through September so that's not an issue. I know Martha's has expired, she just doesn't have the time and we don't have the funds to maintain two memberships, but that shouldn't affect mine? There is no way to add links, post pictures, underline, etc, etc, etc, etc.
Just wanted to know if there is some issue with the site or is it just me?????

The only semi-working tool bar I found was when I start a topic in the Poll forum

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Talked to Shad at the BTS, he is definitely working on a solution, and a better solution than the one that came with the forum software.

He is very busy with work, long hours and he DOES have a family and a house, so give him a few months.

Regards, Greg
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