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Where does the brakeman sit?

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Anyone know where a brakeman sits when the train is in motion? With and without a cabose.
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Take a look at these two photos:



Ok. Other than the interesting fact that these photos were taken two years apart of the same train, in the same place ( in 1947 and 1949,) and give an interesting look at the steam to diesel transition on the New Haven, you can see an interesting point about train crew size and position.

This train HAS a caboose.... with a conductor and a brakeman, at least. In the first photo, with the steam engine, there's room for the engineman, fireman, and head end brakeman (or two) in the cab ... while there are only two seats, the fireman is up and firing often, and can swap off with the brakeman for seat space.... or one or more can sit in the tender (hey, you're gonna be dirty anyway.)

In the photo with the diesel, the S-1's cab is so small, one head end brakeman's riding on the front steps, and the other's riding in the empty boxcar!

Matthew (OV)
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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