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When is a door, not a door?

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Although I haven't had much to say about my Rider's Crossing (a work in progress), I have been beavring away trying to get that buggah finished. My latest obsession:doors. Although I used several Grandt Line windows (modified, of course), their doors were just too scrawnylooking. So I made my own out of clear styrene or acrylic (I can't tell which), using the transparent stuff as a base and laying strips of various-sized solid styrene over the top. Lemme tall ya, it was a bear cutting those little spacers that make up those cutesy panels under the window. And laying down those mullins or muttins or whatever, was no fun, as they are .040 x .040. But it's done and the second door went pretty quickly. One thing I didn't reckon on is how am I gonna paint the things without spraying over the window. Masking could be a real chose, so I'm thinkin' maybe I'll mask as much as I can and fake the rest. After all, the styrene is white and so is the building, so maybe nobody will notice (apply "ten Foot Rule here).

But back to the question: When is a door not a door?
Answer: When it's a jar." /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/tongue.gif
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