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Whazzit ?

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While adjusting the R/C I just installed on my K-28 I noticed something I can't identify.

Please excuse the technical lingo, but here is a thingy on the right side of my K-28 that is some sort of adjustment with a long threaded rod and a nut holding a spring. The rod goes through a fat tube and terminates with a curved gizmo at the top of the reversing mechanism doohickey. What is it called? What does it adjust? Dave? Jason? Got any ideas? Right now the spring has no compression and the nut is loose, but it doesn't seem to affect anything that I can see or hear.

Is it merely a replication of something on the prototype that has no function on the model?

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I think on the prototype it would have been a 'counterbalance' spring for the reverser. If I'm thinking right, it would have helped when putting the engine in reverse, instead of just lifting the dead weight of the links it would have helped push them up. If that's right, it wouldn't really be needed on the model and is just there for looks.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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