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I got the Hallmark 2008 "Lionel" replica Christmas tree ornaments of the New York Central Diesel (ugh! gotta go 'splain things to my son again!), the passenger car and the Observation car.

The eldest son always gets me the yearly release of these ornaments. Most are about "N" scale, some are like "Z" scale and one is closer to "HO" (have to be a pretty big branch on a tree to hold THAT as an ornament!)

Oh dear! I just went to see what all I have... Most were in the dining room in a wall mounted display cabinet along with some Z, N and HO models and many plastic toys, and cast pewter replicas. I took ONE grocery sack to collect the boxes (Yes, I saved all the boxes but they were scattered in cabinets hither and yon) and then I decided to gather the scattering of ornaments into one place, too... had to go get another sack for the boxes and one for the loose ornaments! And some of the boxes still contain ornaments (I would sometimes get duplicates because of other gifts or when I'd get antsy and purchased some of them myself). There are still severala ornaments on the fireplace mantel and in the china cabinet. So far I'm guessing I have about 50 individual ornaments (steam engines and tenders counted separately), but I am not sure I have found them all yet.

I gotta go make a spread sheet of them to keep track of what I have. Some are "tin plate", some are cast metal, some are plastic, one is blown glass. There are 2 models of the Electric GG-1, 8 or 9 Diesels (F7, E9, etc.), and many steam locos (Hudsons, Americans, etc.) with tenders, several passenger cars (streamliners, heavy and lightweights, both modern [well??, 1950's anyway] and clerestory roof), and freight cars (boxcars, tankers, etc.) I also found two of the "Prentation" sets of Gold plated J-1E Hudson locos.

WOW! I didn't know there had been that many Christmasses since I started collecting anything that looked like a train.

I will attempt to clear off the mantel to see if there is enough room to put them all... if so, I'll post a photo sometime.

Hope this holyday finds you grinning from ear to ear,
and that the grin extends throughout the whole new year.
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