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My strongest advice would be the largest radius you can fit in. If you want to run live steam they all run better on large radius and the minimum would be 10 foot radius (20 foot diameter) then you can run anything. Having said that if you stick to smaller loco's like 4 or 6 coupled with short wheelbase you can get away with around 6-7 foot radius.
Electric powered loco's also like a larger radius as there is less flange 'drag' and less wear even though some are made to run on sharp 4 or 5 foot radius curves.
A bonus of large radius is often overlooked is that long bogie coaches also run better especially if prototypically having body mounted couplers. Sharp radius on an S curve when pushing a train back into siding it can be a source of derailments with long rolling stock. If you intend to do more with switching and less 'round 'n round' then bigger curves and switches will make your layout much more enjoyable and you will have happy visiting engines.
As Jim Overland says above "..largest radius your space allows. You will never regret it..".
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