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I've got a Regner 0-4-0 Chaloner rated down to 2 foot radius for sale.
It's a geared loco so it's not too fast, and it won't run away on a downhill, goes the same speed up or downhill.
It's got a Butane fired vertical boiler that can be cranky to light off, but it has an oscillator type engine with no valve gear to mess with. No cab on it, easy access to controls, open air like the Tom Thumb. Could have been a logging engine of the 1880's.
On your layout you could just set it off running and sit back and watch it run.
It gets about 45 minutes burn of Butane, but you've got to add water twice, so you've got to watch the water glass, because it runs out of water before the fire goes out.
In other words, it's a Steam Locomotive and you've got to run it!
It's in the Live Steam Classifieds under Regner Chaloner priced lower.
Check out the pictures
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