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What is white metal?

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I realize that 'white metal' is probably a loose term, and there is not one answer to this question, but I would like to cast in metal, and I'm hoping that there is an easy way to make solder stronger by adding something to it. I remember reading something last year about adding something, but could not find it in the archives. Any ideas?

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There are multiple types of "white metal" used for casting....while I don't know about what to add to solder to make it better for casting, but I do know that Micromark has casting metal ingots in their catalog....


Sure, none of it's "cheap", but it is interesting to see the different melting temps, and the mixes of metals used:

Type R lead-free Crown Pewter (92% tin). Melts at approx. 575 degrees F. Can be melted with propane torch

Type 280 tin/bismuth alloy; lead and cadmium free. Melts at approx. 280 degrees F

Type CT Almost pure lead. Melts at approx. 500 degrees F. Can be melted with propane torch

Type 160 tin/lead/cadmium/bismuth alloy. Melts at approx. 160 degrees F. Can be melted with a candle flame. Extremely low temp. allows this metal to be poured into molds of clay, wood, even cardboard. Can also be poured into model RR locomotives to increase traction weight.
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