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What is the prototype model and text on this model

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Who can help me out?  What is the model of the prototype?  On which railroads did it run?  And what would be the proper text on the sides to use?

I would appreciate the help.



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Looks WD/MoD to me, and YES, probably of US origin, but one war earlier.

My father had a US Military Railway Engineering book of the era full of cars like this, but the book is lost in the mish-mash. A check of the Magor and ACF trench cars show some SIMILAR, but nothing exact....

Would be suited for the new WD Baldwin by Accucraft tho!


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The 40' bit is long for MoD/WD use, assuming that this thing is 45mm gauge, maybe it is a 7/8" model?
Posted By peter bunce on 02/17/2008 2:52 PM
Hi All,

The exception is the much illustrated Baldwin 4 6 0 tank, (by Accucraft) the full size 12" to 1 foot versions now being re-built, with one having been resurrected already, and the Welsh Highland have another! .

One can hope that the 4-6-0T Hunslet and 2-6-2T Alcos are not far behind?  Dunno......
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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