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What is the LGB MTS Track Voltage?

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I have been trying to determine the compatibility of the Digitrax DH123D decoder with the LGB MTS System when using the LGB 50111 AC Transformer to power a LGB Central Station 1, 2 or 3.

It would not be much help to know the maximum voltage of the Digitrax DH123D decoder if I do not also know the DCC track voltage that is put out by the LGB MTS System (to know if it exceeds the voltage limit of the Digitrax DH123D decoder).

Can anyone tell me what the actual LGB MTS track voltage is?


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Most meters only read RMS of a "Sine" wave, regardless of frequency... I don't think that DCC power is sinusoidal, ain't it more like a square wave?

Take a look at it with an oscilloscope.
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