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What if the Elk River #1 had been narrow gauge?

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I've had Wm Harris' 1-1/2" scale plans for the "Falk" for about a year. I doubt I'll ever build one that size, BUT I also had a junk battery loco, and a c-16 cab lying around. So.....

Real Falk:

My progress after blowing $3 on plastic pipe and about 45 minutes of butchery

It's not going to be a scale model, (An old Kalamazoo 0-4-0 would be a better start for that), just an exercise to see if I can make it look presentable without spending much money. Since all 4 wheels have traction tires and the motor is only 6v, I'm going battery power with a small rheostat in the cab or bunker for speed control.
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NIce lookin loci. Looks very much like the Falk, and your method of scratchbuilding with what is on hand very much appeals to me. Looks good with your log cars. How does is pull?

FINALLY got time to wire in the second 9v, add the spark arrestor and fix the slight bind in the siderods. Maiden run was with 3 LGB 4 wheel cars, she just ambled right along. Added another one and it slowed down some, but still went. With 5 cars she threatened to stall (4 traction tires and a pound of BBs means she isn't likely to slip. I'll have to see if the run times improve tho. It was slowing down and getting a bit uneven after about 10 minutes.
I like it. Maybe I missed something but what did you use for a motor block ??

I had the remains of this really crappy battery operated 2-6-2 that my ex wife bought as a surprise for me back when she still cared. (I was surprised, alright, surprised enough to ask her what the he## I was supposed to do with the piece of junk -- and it only took 6 years to figure out a use, too) As I said in earlier posts, a Kalamazoo or HLW 0-4-0, or LGB Porter or even a 2017 would probably have been easier and definitely a performance improvement.
41 - 45 of 45 Posts
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