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What if the Elk River #1 had been narrow gauge?

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I've had Wm Harris' 1-1/2" scale plans for the "Falk" for about a year. I doubt I'll ever build one that size, BUT I also had a junk battery loco, and a c-16 cab lying around. So.....

Real Falk:

My progress after blowing $3 on plastic pipe and about 45 minutes of butchery

It's not going to be a scale model, (An old Kalamazoo 0-4-0 would be a better start for that), just an exercise to see if I can make it look presentable without spending much money. Since all 4 wheels have traction tires and the motor is only 6v, I'm going battery power with a small rheostat in the cab or bunker for speed control.
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Thanks for taking the time to post the pixes. I want to build one of those eventually, but there's just too much about it I don't understand, starting with 'Falk'. A manufacturer?

Your modelling philosophy and mine are near the same.

I really like what you've got going. Are you working from plans (loosely)? That is, to know what's needed and where it's supposed to go?

Very encouraging, neat project you've got going there.

Thanks for the nice pic. It now lives inside my folder.



Many, many thanks for the addr. I never suspected plans would be out there at such a reasonable price.

Well, I like it real well. It does look like a steam traction engine, doesn't it? I happened to've liked the old green rods okay, but it's your build. The new ones look good too.

Keep it up, I'm enjoying watching it come together.

Hey, a nice pic for the rank amateur like me: shows that not all is perfect at any given moment.

Remember, I've never scratchbuilt (or built) a single thing as a model since the 50s. What I'm seeing is giving me the push to get started, and 'get er done' then look at the results. (If I can bear to.) Sure, the thing's a tad off level here 'n there at the moment. A few screws like you said, some putty 'n paint, you'll have a neat-looker for sure. But for encouragement value, and demonstration purposes, it's great for me to see. I'm really glad you posted the pic, and I'm waiting for more. I'm taking lots of mental notes.

You must be a mind-reader. While I was outside catching up on yard work, I kept thinking, "A trackside building out of coffee stirrers ought to get you started." I saw the woodshed before, and I could use several, since at least some of my engines will be woodburners.

That looks fine to me. I'm still trying to think of how to make bolt & studs for cylinders. I don't want to buy any. The winch looks good, is it intended to operate? Not only is Radio Snack useless for tech help, my local one wouldn't let me use the bathroom.


Hey, somehow I missed the very last pic w. the labels. I dunno how I did that. I sure do appreciate that, though. So, the reverser lever looks like that. I never knew that. I didn't know why site glasses are tilted on some engines but not others until I mentally traced the possible location for the crownsheet. Didn't know two trycocks were permissible. Big time thanks to you for all that extra trouble!

Okay, now I know where those things carried the water. Been wondering about that. Few ever bother to mention such small but critical items. Hey, lookin' good, like it's been around the woods awhile.

It's a good lookin' ol' engine, like it's been around the woods awhile. How much trouble would it be to get a shot of one of those log cars? (Unloaded.)

Going to get the wood for my first part of the train board tomorrow.

My '94 S-10 started hackin' and coughin' a couple of weeks ago when the weather was nasty. Figured 'Hm, spark plugs, about has to be, it stutters under load." Called the friendly dealer. He said, "Oh yeah, $200 to change the plugs--(all 4 of them--)+ $100 to do the diagnostics." I said, "It's the plugs. I'm sure of it. 75K mi & 16 years?" He said, "Diagnostics gets done either way, to be sure. Might not be the spark plugs." I had a set of plugs I picked up at a garage sale, brand new, for 75 cents about ten years ago. They fit that pickup, is why. So I spent half a day doing what I used to do in an hour, and lo, runs great. Going to take the savings to the lumber yard, I yam.

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What a great pleasure to run the morning mail and find that link. I remember it now. Also, the cars you built are included, so I saved the link into my 'projects' folder. Thank you, I owe you one.

Looking at those spring-loaded coupler pockets, I have to assume there're at least two types of pocket: one with springs, and one w/o. Is that a good assumption?

Thanks again for your efforts in posting, the link, 'n stuff.


I can't find a restaurant supply house, but to to go Wallyworld or Michaels, you get charged an arm and a leg for those dumb things. I'm looking, St.L. has got to have one, someplace.

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