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What if the Elk River #1 had been narrow gauge?

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I've had Wm Harris' 1-1/2" scale plans for the "Falk" for about a year. I doubt I'll ever build one that size, BUT I also had a junk battery loco, and a c-16 cab lying around. So.....

Real Falk:

My progress after blowing $3 on plastic pipe and about 45 minutes of butchery

It's not going to be a scale model, (An old Kalamazoo 0-4-0 would be a better start for that), just an exercise to see if I can make it look presentable without spending much money. Since all 4 wheels have traction tires and the motor is only 6v, I'm going battery power with a small rheostat in the cab or bunker for speed control.
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For plans of the Falk and the Bear Harbor go here


Check in the store. 5$ for 3/4 inch plans of both loco's,
although higher donations are accepted

Will be fireing and engineering on one or the other
of those two on the 28th.
Rick Marty
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