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Posted By Greg Elmassian on 12/01/2008 4:57 PM
Actually, 3 pushes on the emergency stop button on my NCE DCC system would have killed ALL power from ANY throttle. There would have been no problem.

Contrary to what people who hate DCC would have you believe, the wiring is very simple. If you did not worry about voltage drops, one pair of wires to the track, that's it.

You can even power reversing loops automatically from the main line. I also power my switch machines from the rails. I hit the red button once, my train stops.... I hit it twice all trains stop, 3 times the power is actually turned off to the rails, nothing runs no matter what it's "mental state".

There are some advantages over block control and miles of wire.

Regards, Greg


i run dcc on my n scale layout for 15 years now. trust me. there are runaway trains with dcc ! had a 4-unit consist with 50 coal cars just taking off. never found out why. could not address the consist nor emergency stop it. had to unplug the power. if you follow some of the dcc forums you'll find out more about such runaway trains.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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