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Ah, yes.

Check your Master Phase Circuit.
Adjust your low-pass stabilizer.
Check your McGuppen Matrix Master Control unit.

Reactor Scram!

Manual Override!
No Effect!

All Sectors!
Spped Control!
Locked Full Throttle!

What "F" function unlocks my throttles?

All units running out of control!

All channels, Code Red!
Set your CV's to Master Control!

Collision Projection!

See those Black Widows clip that kay-boose?

"That was a close one".

NS, Sherlock.....

Speed Stabilizer Circuit (patented) now On-Line.

Shut down complete.

Thank-you for choosing........

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Had something similar.
Large 2-rail "0" layout.

I HAPPENED to be running two of my ScaleCraft steamers, one on the head of a train on each mainline.

Came time for the coffee break.

Throttles to "off".
Both trains kept moving at track speed.

FWD/REV to "center off".
Both trains kept moving at track speed.

Power switches to "off".
Both trains kept moving at track speed.

Yanked the power cords.
Both trains kept moving at track speed.

Called the owner up to the cab.
He opened a "secret panel", a piece of baseboard covering a bunch of smaller power supplies.
He yanked one plug.
Both trains kept moving at track speed.

He yanked another.
Both trains kept moving at track speed.

Yet another.
Both trains kept moving at track speed.

Last plug, all stop.

I troubleshot the issue.
Seems one of the old Tenshodo switch machines.....the separate contacts for either power routing or signals......the plastic tubing slid over the end to "isolate" had fallen off.

16VAC signal power fed to the common rail system.

Now, the good news.

One of these units was a ScaleCraft SantaFe 2-8-2 Mikado, with original field-wound motor and hand reverse.
The other was my ScaleCraft MT-4 SP Mountain, with, yup, field wound motor and hand-reverse.

Both were scheduled to be convered to big K&D permags the following week (I had found enough motors to screwdriver convert them both).

If they had been can motors, with AC, we would have had smoke.

But, the field wound units didn't care.

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Posted By Greg Elmassian on 12/01/2008 4:57 PM
Actually, 3 pushes on the emergency stop button on my NCE DCC system would have killed ALL power from ANY throttle. There would have been no problem.

Contrary to what people who hate DCC would have you believe, the wiring is very simple. If you did not worry about voltage drops, one pair of wires to the track, that's it.

You can even power reversing loops automatically from the main line. I also power my switch machines from the rails. I hit the red button once, my train stops.... I hit it twice all trains stop, 3 times the power is actually turned off to the rails, nothing runs no matter what it's "mental state".

There are some advantages over block control and miles of wire.

Regards, Greg

Who hates dcc?
That another one of the Old Ames Tales?

I've used it, INdoors.
Hey, if it spins your armature, do it.

But I ain't gonna do it OUTdoors.
Not here, anyway.
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