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What brand of DCC do you prefer and why?

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I realize this could be a "flame war" type of question and I really hope it will not go that way because I think it is really important for those of us who know very little about DCC to have some sort of information about the various brands.

Some of us (like me) know virtually nothing about DCC beyond the fact that some of our LGB locos came with decoders pre-installed by LGB. We know the decoders were designed to work with LGB's MTS equipment and that Massoth made the LGB electronics.

I also have a friend that uses Digitrax to run his large HO layout. That is about the end of my DCC (brand) knowledge.

I respect the quality of Massoth and by no means is this topic either for or against any manufacturer. I don't know enough about DCC to understand what capabilities Massoth products offer or how other brands might compare with them not just in price but also in capabilities.

I would like to find cheaper products for less demanding applications (such as LGB 41352 sound boards that do nothing but chuff - not even a bell or whistle - but it does have a LGB decoder interface). I don't want to pay $90 just for a DCC chuff on a sound card I only paid $50 for.

The simple fact is that there must be differences between the various brands of DCC including but not limited to decoders so there must be reasons (including but not limited to price) between the various brands of DCC equipment.

My personal viewpoint is that I already own LGB locos with LGB factory installed decoders and LGB Central Stations I, II and III so those are facts that I must consider in any further purchases.

I would really appreciate hearing from members about what YOUR preferred brand of DCC equipment is and why you prefer it and how you use it.

This is NOT about which brand is best or which brand is cheapest but simply why you buy the brand that you do (which features influenced you to buy that brand).

If you mix and match brands I would also appreciate hearing what influences your decisions to buy what.

Compatibility with LGB Central Stations and LGB Remotes is important to me so please mention that if known.


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I use the NCE wireless system. I picked it because at the time it was one of the few wireless systems that could handle the current requirements of large scale. NCE recently made an engineering change on their radios which increase the effective range and responsiveness. One of the major capabilities of the NCE radio is that it is full duplex â€" two way transmissions, so the equipment talks to each other, vice just a one way link. It is very easy to use. Factory support is excellent.

You might also look at George Schreyer’s tech tips. http://www.girr.org/girr/index.html .

Hope this helps.
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