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Well, not only is today Fathers Day (I do have two kids).. It's also my birthday.. yup another year bites the dust..

Today was my day.. No limitations, whatever we did was my choice.. t'was nice..

The kids made me breakfast, Krispy Kreme donuts, scrambled eggs and milk.
Then I went out and ran trains for a few hours..
I came in when it started getting hot, put in a train DVD and took a nap..
Worked on the line a bit in the late afternoon.
Then we went out to my fave resturant for my fave steak for dinner.
My son had to tell the waitress it was my B-day so they all had to come out and sing their darn B-day song.
But I got a free Sundae out of it..
I'm so full right now I could Pop!

All in all, A nice day..

Hope all the rest of you Dads had an excellent Fathers Day as well.. :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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