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The 108 was a saddle tank Mallett loco originally built for Potlatch Lumber Co. and later sold to Weyerhaeuser
Train Land vehicle Vehicle Wheel Rolling stock

It went through several changes while owned by Weyerhaeuser
Train Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle Steam engine

Train Sky Wheel Motor vehicle Vehicle
Train Wheel Vehicle Rolling stock Motor vehicle

I don't think I will be modeling from the last photo
While I was making the cylinders, Dennis was making the frame rails and axle boxes on the CNC mill
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The cylinders are made in similar fashion to my other builds. The high pressure cylinders have a .625" bore and the Low pressure are .813 the stroke is .900". I am using slide valves with cross port plates to give it a piston valve look.

I make crossmembers for the frames, assemble and bead blast them and then paint them black
Wood Font Engineering Metal Building

I will post more photos as I go along. If anyone wants any photos of things before I assemble things, let me know

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Thanks Pete
I usually scale down the bore of the prototype and make mine as close as practical. I tend to go with larger bores than normally used by the manufactures which I feel are mostly undersized. A misconception is that a cylinder with twice the cross section will use twice the steam. I have found this not to be true at all, as the larger cylinder will do the same work with half the pressure. My ceramic burner boilers produce a lot of steam so consumption isn't really a problem.

On this one, the high pressure cylinder scales down to almost exactly 5/8" so that is what I am using. The low pressure cylinder can't be scaled down as the original compound engines ran on 200 psi to 300 psi and at our low pressures, the ratios of 3 to 1 cross section won't work. I was able to get a copy of an article by JVR who helped design the Aster compounds. Through his experimenting, he determined that the ratio between the cross sections of the HP & LP cylinders should be 1:1.7 so that is what I have been successfully using.

Taking a closer look at some parts, you can see the steam ports on the LP cylinder. They are oval shaped to get a free breathing cylinder.
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The cross port plate transfers the front port to the rear and vise versa
Wood Material property Gas Fixture Metal

I get the rough wheel castings from Walsall in GB
I use several lathe settings to get the wheels turned to just over spec. Then on Dennis' 36" lathe we do the plunge cut to get the proper tread profile. The next thing is to drill the holes for the crank pins. These have to be all perfectly matched so I use this jig I made up which just has a piece of the axle material set in a block of brass. It is then mounted in the mill vice. the mill is centered on the axle shaft and the mill is moved over 1/2 the cylinder stroke.
Wood Fluid Wall Material property Rectangle

Then each wheel is set in place and drilled and tapped
Light Automotive tire Gas Machine tool Machine

Counterweights are milled out of steel flat stock and attached with JB Weld
Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Font Rim

And they are primed ready for painting
Wheel Automotive tire Tire Rim Tread

The side rods consist of two sections which are joined together with a tongue and groove pivot joint. The groove is cut out on the mill with a 1/16" slitting saw. The stainless needs to be cut at only 350 rpm to keep the blade from overheating.
Milling Machine tool Metalworking Saw Gas

The tongue part is done with an end mill and a stainless pin is tuened from 3/16" stock to 1/8" with a .025" wide x .016" deep groove to accommodate an e-clip
Wood Bumper Automotive exterior Gas Auto part

Wood Bicycle part Automotive exterior Bumper Auto part

Wood Gas Tool Auto part Metal

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I only use 303 stainless
It machines very freely
I have ruined too many end mills on the other grades of stainless
It isn't available in all shapes but enough for most applications

On my crosshead guides which are 1/8 square stock, I use tool steal as 303 isn't available in that size. It polishes up nicely and is fairly rust resistant

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I made the slide valves this morning and lapped them and the cross plate valve port side.
I start the plate on the bench belt sander to get it flat and then lay sand paper on a glass pane and sand un one direction with various grits starting with 220 and then 320, 400, 600, 800, 1500, and 2000

Here is the 220 pass. I go at different directions each time so i know that I have removed all of the scratches from the prior pass
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Then 320
Wood Rectangle Composite material Hardwood Metal

Here is the 1500 pass

Wood Rectangle Gas Composite material Metal

And the 2000 ones with the slide valves. The final pass is done so the scratches are parallel to the slots
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I quarter the wheels on my home made jig
Wood Metal Engineering Machine Titanium

The screws for the crank pins need to be home made also, I use 1/4" 303 stainless Hex and thread it to 4-40
Household appliance accessory Nickel Machine Metal Sewing machine needle

Here is the crank pin with the screw in it,
Automotive tire Road surface Wood Asphalt Automotive wheel system

And the frames with the wheels and side rods installed.
Gas Auto part Metal Machine Cylinder

dennis cut the crosshead brackets on the CNC mill and I bead blasted them. They still have some brackets to be silver soldered and some to be bolted on.
Wood Font Motor vehicle Wall Material property

The cylinder head covers are turned from aluminum stock. They are 1/16" larger than the head
Household hardware Machine tool Cylinder Gas Engineering

Fluid Gas Household hardware Engineering Auto part

you can see where the front cylinder cover covers the head but the rear cylinder just covers the head bolts
Cylinder Gas Household hardware Composite material Wood

I use hardwood strips which are shaped on the belt sander to get the outside shape I want to get the cast piston valve look
Wood Finger Circle Jewellery Metal

The faux piston valve covers are installed and the cylinder is painted
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It has been two months since my last post. A lot has been going on at home so I haven't been building at my regular speed but here is my progress to date. It will probably take more than one post because of the ten photo rule.

This photo shows how I mount my cylinders. I turn the spacers from stainless rod and mount them with 4-40 stainless screws. The Stainless slows the heat loss from the cylinders to the frame.
Automotive tire Wheel Bumper Automotive exterior Motor vehicle

And here they are mounted.
Camera accessory Gas Auto part Machine Automotive wheel system

1/8" square strips are drilled out and silver soldered to the crosshead bracket for mounting on the frame. A block of foundry brick is cut for this purpose.
Wood Gas Font Tints and shades Rectangle

This makes the strips square and perpendicular to the bracket but to get them 100% correct, they are finish milled on the mill.
Product Machine tool Gas Machine Wood

1/16 x 1/8" tool steel strips are silver soldered into the slots for the crosshead guide mounts.
Wood Automotive tire Tire Wheel Bumper

The crossheads are milled from 1/4" brass stock and later will be tin plated. The front and rear engines have different size crossheads.

Wood Rectangle Font Metal Fashion accessory

The valve stem and combination lever take some extra care. A 1/8" square piece is soldered on to the 3/32" stainless rod. It is then slit with a 1/16" slitting saw on the mill to form a fork.
Wood Gas Machine Machine tool Metal

Because of the close proximity of the valve stem and radius rod holes on the combination lever, the fork needs to be trimmed on the 1" belt sander.
Gas Fixture Rim Bicycle part Cable

Here is the expansion link with its double ball bearing pivot shaft and the radius rod connected. You can see where the radius rod is trimmed down matching the valve stem fork.

Wood Tool Automotive exterior Hand tool Gas

This shows the valve gear with all of the pieces in place.
Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tire Vehicle

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Thanks Russell
This is kind of a 2 0f 2 so the prior post should lead up to this one.
Here is how I trim the valve rods
Table Wood Road surface Automotive tire Bumper

The lifting lever for reverse needs to go around the expansion link. To do this. I solver solder a pin onto the reverse arm.
Wood Brick Rectangle Tints and shades Font

It then works like this
Automotive tire Wheel Bicycle part Rim Gas

Here is a shot of the underside of the axle pump. It is also used as the mount for the rear truck. The two banjo fittings which are not fitted with the piping yet keep the truck from rotating too far, left or right. There is a spring washer under the truck tongue which keeps the wheels on the track.
Wood Cylinder Gas Machine tool Engineering

here is the top view of the pump with the ball bearing eccentric and scotch yoke follower
Gas Auto part Machine tool Cylinder Machine

Here are the automatic cylinder drains I use
Cylinder Valve Gas Plumbing Machine

A top view of the piping. On the left side is the lubricator line and adjusting valve, The compound starting valve and adjuster are on the right side.
Cylinder Gas Automotive wheel system Machine Auto part

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It is a socket head SS 2-56 x 1/8" screw The head diameter is .136" and I design the slot for this size. I screw it into the radius rod and then sand off the back where it protrudes till it is flush before assembly to get the right length.

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the boiler mounts are one at the rear under the firebox and one above the front driver of the rear engine. These provide a fixed attachment of the boiler to the rear chassis. The front chassis needs to sway left to right as it goes around curves. To do this, we need a slotted mounting plate with a curved slot. The radius of the slot is the measurement from the front driver of the rear chassis and the plate. This slot can be milled with a jig made for that purpose but a simpler way is to draw out the curve and on CAD measure the deflection every .050". Plunge cuts are then done with a 1/4" end mill and the ridges left are easily removed with a needle file.
Font Rectangle Parallel Paper Number

Mounts are made the same height about 1/2" lower that the boiler mount will be and and spacers will be use to get the proper front/rear balance.
Train Musical instrument Rolling Rolling stock Wood

The outer boiler shell is cut to length and the firebox sides are cut out. the bronze boiler bushings are turned out and the corresponding holes are drilled in the boiler shell.
Metal Circle Art Jewellery Fashion accessory

This shows the filler plug, the upper sight glass fitting and the auxiliary steam fitting. Below that is the steam dome fitting.
Wood Door String instrument accessory Gas Bumper

On the bottom side are the two boiler mounts and the lower sight glass fitting.
Wood Amber Automotive exterior Gas Motor vehicle

Here is a photo of the underneath of the two chassis,
Gas Tints and shades Machine Font Engineering

And a closeup of the coupler between the two chassis. Not shown id the silicone rubber spacer cut from tubing which gives it a little give for minute changes when going around curves and through switches.
Wood Machine tool Gas Machine Auto part

Here is a look at the axle springs and journals. The ball bearing does not show as it is on the wheel side of the journal
Wood Gas Audio equipment Automotive exterior Metal

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I am waiting for the flue tubes to arrive, Here I am turning the front tube sheet on the lathe. I center pop a hole and then use a compass to draw a circle 1/16" larger than the plate will be. I cut the shape on the band saw and drill out the center hole to 5/32" for my arbor. The copper tends to flatten out where it is turned but it is cleaned up with a file before removing from the lathe
Gas Machine Metal Auto part Machine tool

From my CAD drawing I center pop the flue holes and then center drill them. i hold the piece with a vice grip to prevent it frpm being spun by the drill.
Fluid Tints and shades Liquid Circle Space

I then drill out the holes with a step drill and clean them up with a reamer
Wheel Wood Automotive tire Fluid Rim

Here is the throat sheet and front tube sheet ready for soldering. you can see where the center hole has been closed by silver soldering a copper peg in place.
Wood Body jewelry Artifact Silver Jewellery

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The tubes are silver soldered to the throat sheet first. The tubes are held in place by setting them in the front tube sheet and the throat sheet. Ithen wrap 1/32" solder around a 5/16" rod to get 3/8" rings which I place around each tube in the inside and then heat the outside till the solder comes through.
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This assembly is then soldered into the boiler shell
Automotive tire Composite material Auto part Vehicle Automotive exterior

And then pickled in citric acid.
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Wood Packing materials Rectangle Hardwood Brick

The front tube sheet is then soldered in place
Skull Gas Jewellery Door Auto part

The crown sheet is cut to size and the fit is checked.
Wood Gas Composite material Metal Rectangle

The baxkhead is cut and the holes are drilled. The three at the top are for the throttle. The one on the right is for th clack valve and the one on the left is the superheater one. The square one is for the mica window.
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