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Weathering a Live Steam Engine

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So here I have my nice new Accucraft Mogul that has its perfect Museum Quality Finish and although it looks nice on a shelf, it looks pretty out of place running on the track. I would like to do some weathering like I have seen done by Jack Thompson (aka Big65Dude)my only fear is that with the high heat of the engine, any paint may just flake off. Now before you post any responses, please note that my resources are very limited as I have a very demanding household (a wife and 4 kids) so if your idea would envolve spending lots of money on fancy equipment then the process most likely wont work for me. I apologize if this question has already been asked, but I have searched the forums and archive and havent seen anything about the particular weathering techniques for live steam engines. Thanks in advance for your help. You guys always have great ideas! :D

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save yourself the hassle of using an airbrush unless its solely for minute detail. It seems to me that you want to knock down the shine on the entire boiler, my advice for you is to take the time, mask off everything around the boiler and spray it with Rust-Oleum's Specialty High Heat. I've used it on all my engines it looks outstanding. It looks better on even the plastic engines than any other black or engine black or coal black, you name it, it looks better. Not only did i completely redo an entire boiler on my accucraft live steam engine, i use the paint to weather the rest of my engines and rolling stock. Ill spray it as overspray to simulate soot on the boiler jacket and on the cab roof, ill also completely spray down the running gear. It gives the engines that "worn" and "used" look which is what i like. The paint is not going to flake off, its good up to 1200 degrees. I've used the BBQ Black and the High Temp Green. Both have come out great and have held out great.
Here is an example of the green with a little overspray of black on the smokebox and boiler

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