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Water top up bottles here in the States?

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Anyone know of a source for a top up bottle in the US?  I would rather not get one from the UK, as the spray bottles can be found almost anywhere here in the US, it is the tubing part that I have never seen.

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Posted By Jim Overland on 02/11/2008 2:53 PM
Nice cat picture Garrett.
He looks like my cat does, climbing my leg while I have some small engine screw I am trying to replace

Yes, I found the photo of "Uglycat" about seven or so years back on Cliff Yablonski's site over on SA.  Just one of the nuts living in Appleton.

My cats are not as crazy, but still engage in strange stuff, but leave the trains alone.  A friend's dog does have a taste for resin however.....
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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