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Wanted: Six Chime 1:20 whistle.

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I should preface this by saying I've asked in the official places already..... as far as I can find these are not at this point available for sale seperately.

Has anyone got a six chime whistle (or similar) as would have been found on the Accucraft K-28, and probably K-36, etc. that they for whatever reason removed and replaced with something else?  I need one for my K-27 and no one seems to have a suitable one available as a detail part, replacement part, or whatever.

Anyone knowing where I could get my hands on such a thing, please contact me.

Matthew (OV)
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Good to hear you only want a non-working model.  I initially assumed you were asking for someone to make a working 6-chime whistle!! :confused:
Accucraft makes one, I'm not sure if its 5 or 6 chime. I don't think K-27's had six chimes though, most had single chimes, however, I have seen pictures of them with D&RGW 5 chimes.
Trackside is coming out with the proper unit for the Post Wreck 455.
Saw that. I managed to land an Accucraft one that Durango Dan managed to find .... funny, it came with a silver bullet in the box! I'm gonna grab some of the RGS ones for other SCRY locomotives, like #7.

Matthew (OV)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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