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i know it's exciting to see these live steam engines chug around the tracks, but i'd like to suggest someone make (or let me know if one exists) a video showing a steam-up from t=0, from taking it out of the case (if you travel with yours) to filling the liquids, lighting the fire, use of the blower (fan and when to start the steam), etc, etc. show the entire boring process you go through before you start making the action mpegs.

and on the other end, how do you wrap up your steaming day? putting out the fire, blow-down, etc, etc.

i've yet to join the video camera age so all i can do is suggest the idea, but, it might be very informative.

or again, if any are know to exist (i've looked briefly at youtube, but haven't found any yet) please let me know or publish yours!

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