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My friend Graham took a video of our group steam at Rogers place on Sunday where we ran a varied mix of trains from 1/13 scale, 1/19 scale and 1/32 all in live steam.
My Aster French 141R pulling some Nord and CIWL coaches starts the video off with other highlights being " Puffing Billy" locomotives, a South African narrow gauge 2-8-2, two 0-4-0 1/13 scale locomotives, British rail Pannier tank, small Peckett saddle tank and a passing parade of Pennsylvania locomotives with a silky smooth K4, a speedy E6 and and E5.
Rogers layout has a slight downward slope so trains race down the side with the platforms and slow down on the uphill on the other side. The trick is to get the regulator setting just right for a slow climb up without racing away on the other side, a heavy train makes the regulator opening very sensitive to achieve this result and we could all do it but the Pennsy K4 won the slow and steady race up the hill with a heavy load.
Hope you all enjoy the eclectic mix of trains we certainly did running them.
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