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Well its a sad day for all you g scale junction customers Charles the owner sold the store and retired. i called today to order another hudson and was told of the sale and all i can say is Charles always did right by me and he WILL be missed..../DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/sad.gif
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What is much sader, is that this is the week end that we remember all those hero's that have died serving our great Country. Trains can easily be replaced, hero's can't. Thank's to those veterans who have served, and especially to those that have fallen. It is you that have made this Country Great.
It is pleasing that the store is not closed and will continue under the management of Jim D.

In the short time I have been in large scale I have noted that a few Stateside stores have closed, the same has happened over here.

I have heard very good reports of the service offered by Charles by friends in the UK and I took the opportunity of speaking with Jim yesterday. I wish him a fair wind in his venture.
Posted By JimD on 05/23/2008 10:02 PM

Greetings to all. I want to let everyone know that G Scale junction will still be operating in the same location and with the same pricing policies. I have been a customer of Charles for several years and one day made the 'mistake' of saying "let me know if you ever want to retire." Well, his reply was "I want to retire." It took a year and a half, but he finally convinced me to take over. I can tell you that I shopped there for a reason and want to keep all the positive things about it and improve it where I can. I also want to add some new products, so let me know what else we should be stocking. I am glad to see the positive feedback about the place and hope it continues. Charles will be around on a part-time and consulting basis. He has a lot of product knowledge that I need to extract! I have a lot of long-term goals for the place, but it will stay in the same location for the next 17 months. After that, the intent is to move it to a slightly more convenient location, perhaps near I-70. The new local phone number is 740-967-7300, but the 800 number remains the same. The website and e-mail will be updated in the near future. In the mean time, I am trying to assemble a list of the out-of-production items and other items in the warehouse that can be put on sale. Let us know if you need anything. I have met and/or spoken on the phone with several of the longtime customers, and want to get to know the rest. If you want to be on our e-mail list for sales, etc. Make sure we have your address. Thanks, Jim Dorenbusch, new owner of G Scale Junction.

Congratulations. I am pleased to learn that we in this hobby are not losing this LS retail outlet.  We've all seen way too many of these simply go away.  What is the best way to contact you with our inquiries? 
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To answer Nick's question...it's great to have a whole store full of trains...until you remember you have to pay for them all! There is also this temptation to keep taking things home, but my wife has already said "you have a warehouse for those now!" It has been good to talk to everyone who has called so far, and I have noted the merchandise suggestions. As for the best way to contact me, once we get the e-mail and web site up to speed, that will be easy for everybody. There is always the phone as well - 740-967-7300 or 800-311-9448. Thanks for the encouragement!
JimD, thank you for carrying on the good work of G-Scale Junction! I've bought several times from GSJ in the past, and every time was a wonderful experience.

Best of luck Jim, and thanks!
JimD, thank you for continuing a great tradition!
wow..two and a half years later!
that might be a record! ;)

Seems to be a lot of old posts revived lately... is it a full moon?

I like Jim,

He's a good egg.

Sure wish he'd give me a deal on the last of those old NYC cars........
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I have done that same thing, Paid attention to the date of the post. ( I very seldom look at the date of a post.) I have brought back posts from the dead and actually got new information

Dont pick on a guy cause he brought back a dead post

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Goes to show ya, obviously the Archives don't work like they used to.
In the "old days", after 90-180 days of inactivity, the data shifted to a read-only archive status, didn't it?

Must be a bug.

Wish I had the time to pour over outdated posts and drag them up.....hey, think I'll try that.
Bringing up an old thread with a "me too" post is "pick on able"... it's silly, look up forum etiquette anywhere on the Internet.

"me to" posts are frowned upon everywhere... reviving an old thread to do so is worse.

Don't encourage poor "netiquette"

Start a new thread if you have or want new info.

I am surprised you didn't give a link to your website for updated information.....

HE HE HE Now that was just wrong Dave...........

You must be board these last couple of days.

May i suggest you go play with some trains

Or go install some DCC in some locos..................

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Nicky....I have a set of gold-plated ceremonial wire cutters that are removed from their display case every time I need to do anything with dcc.

And, I have.

Whack it out and do something else for the customer who demands it.......
It's funny... on one part of the site is a discussion on wanting FAQs to make information easier to find

Charles is on a "quest" to make tags work on the site so we don't need FAQs

JJ says don't give the guy a hard time, but adding junk to an old thread just makes the "signal to noise" of the information in the forum go down...

So, of these 3 ways to "harvest" information from the site are all in flux, ha ha!

I at least would like to preserve the data "signal to noise", notwithstanding the limitations in the search function and the non-functioning parts of the tags..

How hard is it to look at a date before posting wow...
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"In the "old days", after 90-180 days of inactivity, the data shifted to a read-only archive status, didn't it?"

An EXCELLENT feature, which obviously should be implemented again, if available. 180 days would be about right.
Posted By Allan W. Miller on 11 Dec 2010 07:23 PM
"In the "old days", after 90-180 days of inactivity, the data shifted to a read-only archive status, didn't it?"

An EXCELLENT feature, which obviously should be implemented again, if available. 180 days would be about right.

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