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Well its a sad day for all you g scale junction customers Charles the owner sold the store and retired. i called today to order another hudson and was told of the sale and all i can say is Charles always did right by me and he WILL be missed..../DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/sad.gif
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Hi Guys,

I had an email from Charles this morning and he said this:
"G Scale Junction will continue at the same location under the direction of Jim Dorenbusch."
"I will still be available to advise him."
"I will now have time to play with trains rather than just sell and pack them."

He went on to say he would be available to Jim on an advisory role.
So, the long and short of it is, Charles will be taking a "back seat" but will still be available on kind of a consulting basis.

I hope things do not change too much as it has allways been a pleasure dealing with him.
He is a true gentleman and will be missed by those of us who have dealt with him over the years.

But, remember this, he is going to be doing what he enjoys and that is all we all strive for.
How can we possibly fault him for that!
Best of luck, Charles!!!!:)

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Hi Jim,

Congratulations on your new venture.
I believe you have some large shoes to fill, but it sounds like you are off on the right track.
I am a long time customer and hope to continue to be one.
Good Luck !

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