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In this day and age of electronics, I don't understand why the railroads don't have electronic control of the trains as they travel. My understanding of this accident is that the Metrolink passed two yellow lights before it ignored a red light and ended up on the same track as a UP Frt.

Why couldn't the train have had a system that warned the engineer of the Metrolink of each Yellow with the engineer having to ackowledge each yellow. This would have verified the engineer was alive and present in the cab. If there was no ackowledgement from the engineer, the system could have shut down the motors I set the brakes. Even if the engineer had ackowledged both yellows, running the red light should have det the system to not only stop the metrolink, but send an emergency message to the UP Freight

Sure a systemlike this would be expensive, but how much will the 25 dead customers of the Metrolink cost?
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