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I'm shopping for an NCE PRO-10R, and was wondering if any of you have any experience good or bad with some of these online vendors: Reindeer Pass ($679); Wig-Wag Trains ($679); Model Train Stuff ($599). Amazon wants $748, and direct for NCE it's $999. Obviously Model Train Stuff has the best price, but I don't want to deal with a bad company. Other suggestions are welcome as well. Thanks!

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Power pro uses a 18 volt DC supply. This means less than a 18 volt DCC signal will be available to the track unless there is a dc to dc converter in the receiver. My system requires a 30 volt DC power pack and gives me 24 volts to the track.

18 volts is fine for slow engines (Steam) but not for high speed diesels or electrics.

Gere E should have better info on NCE systems, I only know what I read on the NCE site.

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If southern digital is still around they had good prices too...

In this case, you are buying a commodity, if you have a problem, warranty is covered by NCE no matter who you buy it from (as long as it is new).

So, as long as it is delivered, I would not worry who I bought it from.

None of the places that sell it are going to support you in programming or learning DCC, you have to learn that on your own pretty much (and that is the best way)


p.s. I stopped buying from the cheapest dealer long ago, Reindeer Pass and RLD Hobbies are my vendors of choice.
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