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I know there are a number of modelers around Utah and the western states who cross over into 7.5" a little so I thought I'd post this here in case there's interest.

Utah Valley Live Steamers has been looking for a site for a 7.5" railroad for about 10 years and I knew Saratoga Springs in Utah was building a new 13 acre park called Shay Park because an old railroad berm (for the Tintic mines) cuts through the middle of the park. I put UVLS in touch with the Saratoga Springs planning department and now as part of the park plan they did some redesign work and have given easement for about 3000' of track for a 7.5" railroad.

The City just threw in one twist though and although the plan was to build the railroad over the next year or two, the City is asking and hoping it will be completed by December. The City has just finished grading for the railroad and there's now plenty of work to be done. The Utah Valley Live Steamers club now has a sooner than expected need for growing membership. raising remaining funds, and installing the railroad. Just two months ago the club thought the plan was likely to fail like other attempts the past ten years, but overnight a City Council vote it changed and it's now crunch time for the club with a sped up deadline.

UVLS is looking for people who want to help in building of the railroad from logistics of planning (double checking research, fundraising and more business type functions for the non-profit) to manual labor of building rail installing jigs and cars or installing track to even bringing out trains on weekends when it opens.

There is also talk of adding a few miles of track later on along the railroad berm that extends almost a mile out of the current park property on City land that they can't make any other use of, if the railroad is hugely successful (funding) in upcoming years.

If anyone wants to become a member of the club or help out in any way I'm sure the UVLS would appreciate it. You can contact Mike at UVLS or myself if you're able to help out in any way. Thanks.
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