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Using two-part Epoxy with Live Steam

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Just a disclamer, I am NOT talking about using anything besides hard solder on the structural joints of a boiler.
I was wonder, I have a few detail parts (air pump and a turbo generator) I would like to attach to a engine I am working on, specificly to a wrapper I made. The wrapper is too thin and too soft solder the detail parts. Also I can't attach them with mechanical fasteners with ease. What I was thinking was to use a little of Loctite's to part epoxy (has a operating range in the area of (-40-400F and is waterproof) to attach them to the wrapper. Does anybody have experience with this? Thanks!
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JB Weld works well and I've also used epoxy to good effect. One tip - a couple of tiny drops of instant adhesive can be used to hold the part in place while the epoxy sets. Loctite "goof proof" is the best choice as it gives you a couple of seconds to move the part before it bonds.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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