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Using two-part Epoxy with Live Steam

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Just a disclamer, I am NOT talking about using anything besides hard solder on the structural joints of a boiler.
I was wonder, I have a few detail parts (air pump and a turbo generator) I would like to attach to a engine I am working on, specificly to a wrapper I made. The wrapper is too thin and too soft solder the detail parts. Also I can't attach them with mechanical fasteners with ease. What I was thinking was to use a little of Loctite's to part epoxy (has a operating range in the area of (-40-400F and is waterproof) to attach them to the wrapper. Does anybody have experience with this? Thanks!
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In my late teens, I built a moonshine still, where I used two part epoxy on some not so hot parts (hot parts were soft soldered).

Although heat exposure was below what the epoxy was rated for, hours of exposure to heat made the stuff brittle, and it loosened from the metal surfaces.

Conclusion: I would not use epoxy on anything more than luke-warm components.

About the still? Well, we made exellent rhum. However, it just wasn't worth all the time, once the thrill of operations wore off ;-) Also, once local law (= my mother) found out what was going on in the basement, suspence also ceased ;-)
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