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used track cheaper than buying new

Well, my garage has what's left of a 20' x 50' layout in it. It all came from Llagas Creek - loads of aluminum rail, mostly code 250 but some code 215. It used to look like this:

But now it is in the garage of my condo looking for a good home.

Issues: I have a box of Llagas black track bases, but they only work with the new-style rail. This code 250 used rail is all of the older, wide base. So you'd probably have to spike the rail to new wooden ties, as I don't think the old-style bases are available.

The code 215 will fit the latest Llagas bases, though there was only about 25' of track (50' rail.)

There's various bits of switches, but the decent ones have already found good homes.
Make me an offer?
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