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USA Trains PCBs, Sierra Sound PCBs and Phoenix wiring harnesses.

All in one box to one buyer.

These PCBs were removed from serviceable engines for installation of Radio control Drop-In systems and low hood modifications. Some incandescent bulbs are missing where relevant. The wiring harnesses are new and unused from the factory. The four GP9 PCB’s are from at least 3 versions.

The Sierra PCB’s are for a GP9 and an SD40-2

The closest ‘new’ price for the whole lot is over $500.00 but I will ship it all to a self described repair guy for $100.00 US.


Soundtraxx Sierra Rec C, SD40-2 K3 horn, Ver. 1.0

Soundtraxx Sierra Rev C, GP7/9 Les S3 horn Ver.1.0

USAT GP7/9 main switch board 676-x007R1 ea 2

USAT GP7/9 main switch board 1407-x004 ea 1

USAT GP7/9 main switch board 667-x005R1 ea 1

USAT F3A main switch board 663-x004R1 ea 1

USAT F3B main switch board 663-x002 ea 1

USAT SD70 main switch board 2056-x002 ea 1

USAT GP7/9 front - rear light PCB 676-005 ea 1

USAT GP7/9 front – rear light PCB 676-008 ea 3

USAT class light PCB 677-x002R1 ea 1

USAT bridge rectifier PCB (for smoke?) 676-x001 ea 1

Phoenix hook-up harness (orange-brown-green) ea 8

Phoenix SPST centre off switch harness ea 4

Battery and Charger pigtail ea 5

Contact me off list with any and all questions. Much thanks

Dave at www.wvrr.ca
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