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USA Trains New Center Cupola Caboose

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News to me...thought I'd post it and share.


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Posted By Esppe Pete on 10/24/2008 9:17 PM

Anyone know if Southern Pacific or UP ran Center Cupolas?


I doubt this version was ever used on the UP or SP as it's an eastern prototype. UP had a lot of center cupolas, but they were not the USA variety.

They looked like this HO model which is referred to as a CA-4:

More can be seen here: UP Cabeese
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Posted By nick s. on 10/26/2008 10:58 AM

im no caboose expert or nothin but this caboose looks an alful lot alike the one USA offers now no???? in mean the trucks look different but on the whole looks good to me no...

It's close, but there are some major differences. One obvious difference is the cupola. It's not flush to the sides on the USA caboose. This is the USA caboose I believe you're referring to:

But I don't expect USA, or any manufacturer in large scale to model a specific UP prototype. While there may be enough demand in HO and other scales, I doubt there is enough in large scale. The extended vision is a very common late era caboose and is appropriate for many railroads. Although I didn't find any photos of a UP prototype.

However the USA bay window caboose is pretty close to real UP bay window cabeese:

UP Bay Window Caboose
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1 - 2 of 43 Posts
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