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USA Trains New Center Cupola Caboose

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News to me...thought I'd post it and share.


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The New Haven version will DEFINITELY be going on my "MUST-BUY LIST"
- should go perfect with the Aristo RS-3 (if they ever get around to producing the New Haven paint scheme
they were talking about for this year!). Need a New Haven freight train to complement my PA-powered USA Trains "Merchant's Limited" streamliner!
(For days when I wanted to play "mainline standard gauge" vs. (mostly Shay-powered)
"narrow-gauge logging / mining railroad!). I was actually contemplating kitbashing / scratchbuilding a caboose along these lines, since nothing else on the market remotely resembles them.

Mark, the non-McGinnis paint scheme you suggested would be nice to see as well; I'd settle for either one (judging by the line drawing on the USA Trains site, though, looks like they're planning on doing the McGinnis scheme) . The modernistic block "NH" scheme was maybe the ONLY good thing that incompetent crook McGinnis did
while he ran the rest of the New Haven into the ground.

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" Tom,

Why wait for the green/orange RS-3? There are a lot of NH road units out there, inlcuding protoypical FA-FB, GP-9, 44 ton switcher, and U-25-B!!"

Mark, I was after the one of the RS-3's specifically because I remember watching them switch the former Bay Street yard (now long gone
other than overgrown mainline track that used to run down to Newport RI) back when I was maybe 4 ~ 5 years old.
I got lucky & picked one of the McGinnis - schemed ones off of eBay about a month or so ago.
I'll still go for one of the Alpert-schemed ones if Aristo ever gets around to producing it.
By the way - it makes for a NICE-looking
New Haven commuter train at the head of a couple of USA streamlined coaches!

(I've got pictures, just haven't downloaded them from the camera yet).

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Mark, here's the pictures for you...

This one's slightly blurry

- Both shots were taken with the cell phone camera (Apple iPhone 3G), & the cloudiness made for slow shutter speeds (& this was a try at an "action" shot
). I added some lead weights to RS-3's fuel tank to enable it to get 2 or 3 of those HEAVY
USAT coaches up the 3% grade. Too bad on the news on the availability (or more accurately, the lack thereof!
) on the Alpert - schemed RS-3's.
(Hope USA is better on the new caboose!).
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