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USA Trains New Center Cupola Caboose

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News to me...thought I'd post it and share.


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Thanks for the link Mark,USA Trains comes thru again with another SCALE nice piece..no cracked bolsters pins on these i bet...also USA if you are watching please incorperate an kadee pad in to your new caboose as i have some of your other and i hate to have to drill holes in it to mount kadee so i have gone with 831s but cant stand the look of them. by the the way your cabooses are the finest running and scale looking cabooses in 1/29th thanks for all you guys do to make our hobby hassle free with all your products. thank you for making the best quality trains in 1/29th scale. my opionion of course..
Wow, That was a surprise! I thought USA was done with new large scale products.

USA - IF you are reading, Please don't make another McGinnis scheme caboose for the New Haven!! If they aren't going to do an NE-6 caboose, at least put a steam era paint scheme on it! There's already the NH extended vision caboose made how many years ago and still in stock! Oh well, the undecorated, painted Red should be good enough for me and my steam era New Haven.
Here's a pic of the scheme I'd prefer...from

I know, I know, a NE-6 caboose is not the same as the Northeast Caboose planned by USA, but it is closer than anything out there now.

But, at $199 list? That seems high, doesn't it? Or am I just getting old. That means a street price of around $130? Might be a be a while for me. I'm sure this will make lots of folks happy!
I hope they are going to put in an auto-shut off for the smoke unit...not that I run USA smoke units anymore.
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always reminds me of the American Flyier days
That's gonna look real nice behind my USAT Big Boy's...
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Posted By Chucks_Trains on 10/24/2008 5:09 PM
That's gonna look real nice behind my USAT Big Boy's...

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Oh, darn! Now I will have to have that caboose (Reading RR, of course) and find a Reading locomotive to go with it. HMMmmmm? I wonder if I could modify the Aristo consolidation with a Wooten firebox? Maybe I'll take the easy way out and just get an RS3.

Decisions, decisions....

Have Fun,
David Meashey
the fabled North East Style Caboose!! :)
so long merely a rumor..now its real!


thank you USA Trains!

The "North East Style" of steel caboose..
developed by the Reading in the 20's and also built by the Lehigh Valley and Western Maryland. (the three primary builders of this caboose style)
(and also smaller counts built by L&NE, L&HR, P&WV and CNJ..)

Later migrated to many other railroads as older cabooses were sold off.

For more info on this style of caboose, check out:



Posted By markoles on 10/24/2008 8:57 AM
Wow, That was a surprise! I thought USA was done with new large scale products.

why would they be done with new large scale products??

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Mark, do you have some info about your statement "I thought USA was done with new large scale products." ?

I have heard no such rumors ... They did come out with the docksider, the ore cars, and the center cupola caboose recently.

They also recently added two new streamliner cars, the RPO and the baggage.

Wondering what the source of your comment is, just in case there is something going on.

(I do know that Aristo backed out of making more smoothsides after promising two, and then one new one, and it's been over a year since Aristo promised an updated run of streamliners, and then only built one road name in that time, these are facts)

Regards, Greg
Also dont forget,,,, USA trains is releasing a shorty modern tank car soon...i think it will look like there long moden tank car just shorter like my new MTH modern tank cars... will be a welcome addition... also for you steam fans!!! wait till you see whats comin next.........ooooooooooooo my heart be still...
your gonna peee yourselfs.............is it USA or is it 1/29th???????????? its also friday night and we all know what friday night is RIGHT......

git jiggy with it...........................
tricky Nicky....


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Don't tease use without some hints if you got some inside info. HUMOR US!

Anyone know if Southern Pacific or UP ran Center Cupolas?

Well Pete,doesnt seem like i will be getting my allegheny or my berk any time soon.but some of you may be getting your fredom,while others maybe seeing forward. but what ever it is you can be assured that it will work properly..
USA trains after 20 years DOES keep on checking their product and that is based on the quality of the product you get each and every time,,,like they say 'for those who demand the Best, and know the differance'.My opionion of course...
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Finally a NE Style caboose... YES!!!! and in WM and Chessie with WM markings... I'll take 2 please...

as for my oppinion on the other conversation going on in this thread...
I have things from both of the big 1/29th manufacturers... and I have great success with both...

I had one problem with a pinched wire in a USA loco so I had a non working light out of the box... THE HORROR... no problem, I just spliced it?
Things happen I don't blame the company for bad Quality control...

I had one problem with an Aristo RS3 that stopped smoking after a year... sent it back and it was returned fixed in
under 5 days... I thought the service was great...

I can think of no other problems I have had with either...

I do prefer the USA cabooses they look great...

I run mostly ARISTO but that is because of the balance I personally see in Price, Quality and Detail...
I personally like the fact they have an open forum on their website... and I have never seen them not address and fix any problems that have come up...

USA has had its share of problems also (smoke units, craked gears etc)... just no forum to talk about them as much on...
But I love the products I have from them...

but we have our oppinions...

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Thanks for the clues. If I 'm correct with the freedom note, I would have to say the Freedom Train which would obviously equate to a 4-8-4 GS-4, Daylight, Warbaby, or Northern. It would seam a 1/29 4-8-4, SF, Daylight and Northern would be the Next Have to Have steam loco for the scale for us left Coasters. The Forward typo could only mean one thing to this esspe fan, I would be suprised because I know ia 1/29 Brass version is being produced by Kiss for Broadway limited and Gold Coast Station in Ventura. But to not let this comrade speck so bluntly. How close is the fireman to the light at the end of the tunnel?

Who's The Best In 1/29

I understand Nick's enthusium over USA products. I own both Aristo and USAT. I have a Big Boy and a Hudson, which I shamefully use to pull my USA Daylight consist when The PA's are Being serviced.

There is something about a Die cast Steam Loco, with the detail and Fidelity that USA delivers which I feel make them the Premier for Steam Models. So for Steam you have to tip your stripped hat to USAT. I think Aristo has capitulated that also and is filling needs at a more cost consciensious approch with thier units. If you look at this approch, it is one of the Hallmarks of this scale which makes it the leader fot Large Scale Mainline. It has even drawn in Accucraft with thier AML line to produce in 1/29.

The plastic Diesel line is a toss up. Both have thier stong points and until the GP-38, GP-40, GP-60 race began we had very liitle crossover. I'll probably buy a GP-60 as I have the 40, But I have three GP-38's because they were out first and at the time the first modern diesel. I don't think Aristo was smart with the GP-40 and ALM is even farther down the same path with a GP-60. The locos just are not different enought to generate additional sales or multiple purchases. The Dash 9 was brilliant in timing and quality upgrade.

Passenger cars, USAT, No Debate! Unless your name is Sproket and you run European prototype!

Freight. USAT is the MFG who raised the bar with thier ultimate series, Aristo answered with roller bearing rotaing caps. USTA made an Alum. Tank Car. USAT has wider range of modern cars. I think USAT has a good lead here.

Who's the best? Well if you look at the the top models of the Scale, this award would go to USAT. Aristo may have the award for value within the scale for it's lower cost offerings. We all who chose to invest in 1/29 have benifited in the competion of these two companies and I thing they have also. It will be intresting to see if Marklin/LGB or Bachmann makes a valid attempt to enter 1/29.

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And don't forget the USAT Die-Cast B6 0-6-0 is coming out, not to be confused with the 0-6-0T the B6 has a tender..all for a list price of only $1,499.99 but those who can't afford one will diss it...

Didn't USA just recentley realease some ore cars and a speeder?

Nick I heard that too...about Charles Ro replying to what's next in the Ultmate Series as far as locomotives...his reply was a West Coast steamer and start saving your money...
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No insider information, just my observations that USA has slowed their new product offerings to a trickle. The recent 0-6-0T has been around for a few years, and the RPO and Baggage likewise have been around for a few years in preproduction models. Not bashing USA and not sure why my comments draw negative comments about other manufacturers!! Just an observation that they haven't brought out many new products in the last two years or so. This caboose is the first truly new product from them in a long long time. Then again, their product line is extensive and covers many different eras, so it is probably a case of trying to recoup some of their investment before producing more models.

That is interesting about a B6. I heard that project was still born. It was announced after the Hudson, but no further info has come out. But, seeing as how USA has followed Lionel's strategy, it wouldn't surprise me if they went forward with it. Honestly, other than PEnnsy fans, who will want one after American Mainline's USRA 0-6-0 comes out (in electric and live steam for less than $1000, no less)?

Wouldn't it have been awesome if USA had done for steam locomotives what they did for diesels?

I think that the street prices of both the AML and the USAT would be close.

The AML stuff tends to be a bit more finicky on track, but I would suspect it has greater detail, having seen one personally. This will be interesting.

Regards, Greg

p.s. Mark, you have forgotten the ore cars and the docksider when you say the caboose is the first new thing in years... so your stetement is not true.

and you said "I thought USA was done with new large scale products"

That is WHY people are taking exception to your statements. Both of your statements were incorrect. Not true.

If you say USAT slowed down introduction of new stuff, that would be accurate, saying they are out of the 1:29 market, people will not agree with you.

No one is rah rah happy like the Aristo rah rah.. just deal in facts and you will be fine.

Yeah, I wish USAT came out with products as often as Aristo, but if the wheels came loose on USAT locos like they do on Aristo steamers, then I would be unhappy.

If USAT put the undersides of the box cars on backwards like Aristo I would be unhappy.

If the coupler mounting pad for a Kadee on a USAT did not work, and was the wrong height and location like on an Aristo I would be unhappy.

So I cannot bash USAT for not turning out cars and locos at a high rate, I'm happy with their quality, and I'm making the assumption that quality takes more time and money.
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I'm trying to build a B6, partly because I heard that the USA Trains B6 was never coming--that it had been canceled
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