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usa remote

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how do I wire a number6 usa turnout to a digitrax ds64?
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I don't have a USAT switch, but I am using the ds64's. How do you control the usat turnout, is it ac or dc, momentary or can you leave voltage on all the time? How many wires TO the switch motor?

Regards, Greg
I have some pictures of the USA #6 switch controller and a schematic I drew of the controller.
I can send them to Greg for his viewing.

Basically this switch has 2 large coils inside and a microswitch for the direction lights located on the switch and on the controller.

the machine itself looks like a big atlas twin coil ......... but I saw nothing in the drawing for the machine side plus I think you missed a connection in your drawing from the switchs/black wire to the negative side of the full wave bridge

my first worry is what does it draw in current ...... I also wonder if the coil is 2 or 3 wire hookup as I cannot see it in the picture

also do you want the controler to work or just have it run on dcc

one idea I have if we cannot make the coil run right from the decoder is to have the decoder run a relay and that will make the contacts like the buttion so the it will draw power from the ac source and throw the turnout ...
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You should be able to not use the little controller, and hook the DS64 right to the solenoids.

It looks as though both solenoids are electrically isolated from each other.

Regards, Greg
I did miss the return/negative wire. I thought I would send what I had to Greg as it was more info than what I have seen on this forum.
Hopefully all the pictures will help.

Updated scheematic with missing negative wire.

we have not heard form the person that started the post as to wather or not the controler is wanted or not

I had a few mins at work to pull out a usa remote turnout and look into the coil area ....... I wish I had enough time to see how much current this thing draws but I did not

I did see where the coil wires come together and it could be used as a stanard 3 wire hookup to the stationary decoder ds64

if the current is not to high this would work fine to throw the machine ...... but to do this you would have to gut some things out of the machine

The first item of note is that under the turnout is a cover that has a curcuit board ( not sure how they think that will hold up outside ) I am not sure what all this board does but one big thing it does is act like a snapper to insure their is enough current to throw the tunout . this would have to be cut out to hook up the decoder ....... you would also have to cut the board on the end that goes to the controler so that you have the three wires to hook up ......

this would also kill the lights that is mounted on the turnout

I think I would leave the micro switch that keeps you over energizing the coil when tiggered with their controler ..... but if the turnout shutters this may have to be bypassed also ....

I made a quick drawing of what I saw on the coil wiring ...

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