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The UP's Challenger locomotive is heading out in Sept, going east from Cheyenne:

Date Cities Location
Sept 18 - 22, 2008
3985 at the North Platte Railfest 2008
Sept. 18th Cheyenne to North Platte Depart Cheyenne 8:00 am MDT
Arrive Potter 10:15 am
Depart Potter 10:30 am
Arrive Lodgepole 11:30 am
Depart Lodgepole 12:01 pm
Arrive Brule 12:45 pm
Depart Brule 1:00 pm
Arrive North Platte 3:30 pm CDT

Sept. 19th
400 E. Front St.
Display 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Sept. 20th 400 E. Front St. Display 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Sept. 21st 400 E. Front St. Display 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Sept. 22nd North Platte to Fremont Depart North Platte 8:00 am CDT
Arrive Cozad 9:30 am
Depart Cozad 9:40 am
Arrive Kearney 10:45 am
Depart Kearney 11:15 am
Arrive Columbus 1:30 pm
Depart Columbus 2:00 pm
Arrive Fremont 3:30pm

Sept. 23rd Fremont to Boone Depart Fremont 9:00 am CDT
Arrive Missouri Valley 10:30 am
Depart Missouri Valley 10:45 am
Arrive Carroll 12:30 pm
Depart Carroll 1:00 pm
Arrive Boone 2:30 pm

Sept. 24th Boone Fairgrounds Display 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Sept. 25th Boone to Mason City Depart Boone 9:00 am CDT
Arrive Nevada 10:00 am
Depart Nevada 10:10 am
Arrive Iowa Falls 11:15 am
Depart Iowa Falls 11:30 pm
Arrive Hampton 11:50 am
Depart Hampton 12:01 pm
Arrive Mason City 1:00 pm

Sept. 26th Mason City to South St. Paul Depart Mason City 9:00 am CDT
Arrive Manly 9:20 am
Depart Manly 9:45 am
Arrive Albert Lea 10:20 am
Depart Albert Lea 11:20 pm
Arrive Owatonna 12:15 pm
Depart Owatonna 12:45 pm
Arrive Northfield 1:30 pm
Depart Northfield 2:00 pm
Arrive South St. Paul 3:30 pm

Sept. 30th South St. Paul to St. James Depart South St. Paul 9:00 am CDT
Arrive Shakopee 10:00 am
Depart Shakopee 10:05 am
Arrive Mankato 12:01 pm
Depart Mankato 1:00 pm
Arrive St. James 3: pm

Oct. 1st St. James to Sioux City Depart St. James 9:00 am CDT
Arrive Worthington 10:00 am
Depart Worthington 11:00 am
Arrive Sheldon 11:45 am
Depart Sheldon 12:01 pm
Arrive LeMars 12:45 pm
Depart LeMars 1:30 pm
Arrive Sioux City 2:15 pm

Oct. 3rd Sioux City to Council Bluffs Depart Sioux City 8:00 am CDT
Arrive Sergeant Bluff 8:30 am
Depart Sergeant Bluff 10:00 am
Arrive Onawa 10:45 am
Depart Onawa 11:15 am
Arrive Council Bluffs 12:45 pm

Oct. 4th Heritage Park - Council Bluffs Display 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Oct. 5th Council Bluffs to North Platte Depart Council Bluffs 8:00 am CDT
Arrive Schuyler 9:45 am
Depart Schuyler 10:15 am
Arrive Central City 11:30 am
Depart Central City 11:59 am
Arrive Grand Island 12:30 pm
Depart Grand Island 12:45 pm
Arrive Lexington 2:30 pm
Depart Lexington 2:45 pm
Arrive Gothenburg 3:25 pm
Depart Gothenburg 3:40 pm
Arrive North Platte 4:15 pm

Oct. 6th North Platte to Cheyenne Depart North Platte 8:00 am MDT
Arrive Ogallala 9:15 am
Depart Ogallala 9:30 am
Arrive Julesburg 10:15 am
Depart Julesburg 10:30 am
Arrive Sidney 11:15 pm
Depart Sidney 11:45 am
Arrive Cheyenne 3:00 pm

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Wow, look at the 22nd of September. I wonder how Marty got them to stop at his place for 10 minutes? Marty, you should have arranged it to fall on the weekend of the "Thingy". Looks like Mr Cozad has got the live steam bug bad!!

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Speaking of UP steam, I saw 844 was blowing their whistle and it caused Keith Oberman to have to stop talking. I like Keith, but it was funny to have him interuppted, too!
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